Mission Vision and Values

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The mission of the Faculty of Tourism, ideally located in one of the best laboratories of tourism in the world, the Balearic Islands, is to ensure, promote and support excellence in teaching and research in the field of Tourism. We provide training in all aspects of professional life in the field both at undergraduate and postgraduate level. Our adherence and commitment to our mission statement has already been validated at the highest levels: we currently hold the TEDQUAL certificate issued by the World Tourism Organization, and the AUDIT certification awarded by the National Quality Agency.

The vision of the Faculty of Tourism is to maintain a position of international significance, training professionals to lead the tourism sector based upon three key principles: promoting and encouraging excellence within our faculty and students, constant interaction with the business sector that facilitates the exchange and enhancement of knowledge and experience, and the internationalisation of our course provision.

Central to our entire policy framework is a respect for equality, transparency and sustainability, fundamental ethical values essential for the long term health and competitiveness of the industry.